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The facial fillers used at Renovaré MedSpa are made from hyaluronic acid and poly-l-lactic acid. The use of fillers can eliminate wrinkles..


PRP or “Liquid Gold” as we like to call it, is the perfect solution to stimulate cell growth within the body. The patient’s blood is drawn

Chemical Peels

Vitality Institute (VI) Peels are appropriate for all skin types. They are medium depth peels that leverage Retinoic, Trichloroacetic, Salicylic, Ascorbic Acids and Phenols to treat a variety of skin concerns as well as boost the impact of other treatments. Used as a solo treatment or as part of a comprehensive plan, VI peels are a foundational treatment in skin enhancement. It is a procedure that takes about 30 minutes. They are painless and available for face, décolloté, or body!

MN Collagen Induction Facial

Micro Needling is a type of therapy that induces collagen production by creating hundreds of microchannels in the skin surface at varying depths(depending on the location of the face and body and the goals.

We have you apply a numbing ointment for about 20 minutes so you will be very comfortable and relaxed during the facial. We may select Hyaluronic Acid glide serum, PRP or AnteAGE Brightening Serum depending on our assessments and your goals. We love the way our clients look after receiving this facial!

Hair Regrowth

Many factors impact our hair, just as our skin. We have a comprehensive plan to help you regrow your hair.

Medspa Mechanicsville, VA

Age defying, Regenerative and Specialized Aesthetics: At Renovaré MedSpa we provide the highest quality wellness and aesthetic services including laser treatments, RadioFrequency Microneedling, botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, chemical peels, PRP and so much more in Mechanicsville, VA. The providers at Renovaré MedSpa also focus on helping our clients achieve ultimate skin health by utilizing proper medical grade products and integrating the most advanced, appropriate and evidence-based skin health procedures.


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