Men Have Skincare Requirements

Shaving Disrupts the Skin Barrier

While shaving may aid in maintaining faster cell turn over and collagen renewal, it also disrupts the skin barrier! The natural skin barrier is responsible for maintaining hydration to the skin and is the 1st line of defense against environmental assaults.

Proper skincare, which can be quite simple and streamlined, is essential for men!



Defense and Hydration

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  • Sunscreen

Men Age

Aging happens! Though some may love the aged look, others prefer to delay and minimize the overt signs of aging, such as heavy lines and wrinkles, under eye bags, jowls, skin discoloration and hair thinning.

Some aging patterns create facial expression that doesn't match how you are feeling. Often a relaxed expression looks angry or sad.

Minimally invasive treatments can help minimize or eliminate this disconnect. Bo-tox, chemical peels, fillers, PRP injections and hair restoration keep aging at bay!

Enhance Masculinity

Maybe you want a more masculine jawline, or sharper, more chiselled features! You can be very masculine and still have youthful, wrinkle-free features and great skin quality!

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